Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tests and Experiments

I will be doing a semi-animated advert that will be between 30-45 seconds in length, showcasing dramatic scenes from my own comic series. The main program I will be using for speedpaints/panelling is Photoshop and for the animation itself will be After Effects. (I will go on even if it keeps crashing even if it's my nemesis! I won't let it defeat me!)

So for the little tests im doing a few speedpaints of personal characters to test out movements and effects. Currently having a look for tutorials to resemble flowing wind in hair, smoke, fire, breathing within static images. Not to mention dynamic camera movements to give off an action filled advert so this will all come in handy!

So here'll be a little (long) list of tutorials I can refer back to, think of it as a bookmark so I don't lose them in the future!

- (For some reason the images aren't showing up, not sure if it's just my bandwidth playing up which happens when I have the net open and photoshop at the same time... So will have a look at it in uni.)

- (Second part, same thing is happening as the above.)

- (Very helpful video!)

- (Effectively, i'll be testing smoke first, as there's a quick shot of an explosion/fire!)

- (This will be ESSENTIAL for the end where the title of the story appears. Well afterall the story is a branche from The Smoker's Syndicate: Mafia series.)

With the New Year comes new things!

2013, quite a big year for everyone on the final year animation course, as we're all doing our last final module, and you could say our most important projects! We're also going to finish university and go into the big world hoping to get jobs we've dreamt about!

So with the last module, I will, as per usual change my blog background and header to connect with  my personal project which will become both a pitch and hopefully project I wish to relay to publishing companies. So yes, in fact I hope to use this module to hone in on pitching skills to sell my skill and ideas to get a job in the comic business and one day publish my own stories!