Sunday, 7 October 2012

The TOP 5

While doing research on my AoP I came up with a 'TOP FIVE' with the first artist being for my case study, here is a mix of comic artists and concept artists alike. (In no particular order!)

1. Alessandro Barbucci/Barbara Canepa:

Two Italian/French comic artists who focus mostly on Bandes-Desinées (French, or francophone), they collaborate regularly together creating the reknowned series called Sky Doll and even the Disney comic and animation series called W.I.T.C.H.

Warning, these blogs are in French:

-Alessandro Barbucci

2. Cristophe Arleston/Didier Tarquin

Arleston, a french journalist and writer, collaborated with Tarquin, a cartoonist and comic artist, whom both created one of the most well known series and compact world in BD history. A world called Troy (pronounced Troie), they specialised in several series with the main character named Lanfeust, of which, the Comic magazine was named after and sponsored by Soleil Productions.

Warning, this site is in French:

-A list of Works written by Arleston

3. Olivier Ledroit

An artist and also another French comicbook artist who focuses in traditional media (paints and inks) rather than digital. He has also worked for games companies doing concept work and cover art, a notable one being 'Heroes of Might and Magic V'. He has a unique style to his character, and detailed backgrounds and designs with striking atmosphere.

Warning, this site is in French:

-Olivier Ledroit (has not been updated in a while)

4. Ryan Church

A notable concept artist who has done pre-production for several  (many) big blockbuster films, such as: Star Wars episode II and III, John Carter, Transformers, Star Trek (new) and War of the Worlds to name a few. He focuses on object/vehicule and scenery concepts including diretcing and guiding Matte painters for films, his concepts tend to be the final design with hyper realistic detail. His sceneries all have that certain uniqueness that give the projects' worlds originality and memorable scenery. He is currently dabbling and using 3D media to do concepts for the more recent films (John Carter for one).

-Ryan Church Official Site

5. Android Jones

Co-founder of Conceptart.Org, Creator of Alchemy (Art program), concept artist and live art performer, he is one of the most well known digital artists in the professional world. His art has symbolic and unique style using shapes, lines and colour to bring out the focus and narrative of his works where his unique style is recognisable globally. His open and creative attitude gives his artwork, scenes and concepts have that little bit extra turning a detailed image into a more modernised form of illustration.

-Android Jones Official Site


As  wish to work in the Francophone comic book industry, I've looked up several publishing companies who either have a list of what they want or guides:

Editions Bamboo

And countless others...

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